Module/Course Description

Course Title: Principles of Business Administration

Course Code: UU-BBA-1101-UG

Programme: Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration - BL

Credits: 4.00

Course Description:

Course/Module Description:

This course introduces students to theoretical and practical knowledge about firms by focusing on business administration and decision-making, an introduction to market analysis, and a practical approach of fundamentals concerned with strategic planning, organization, and control activities. The course also includes a detailed investigation of the four functions of management: planning and decision making, organizing, leading, and controlling.

Course/Module Objectives:

The main objectives of the course are:

  1. To provide students with critical thinking abilities that are both foundational to theory research and applicable in the workplace
  2. To examine theories of management and evaluate how inquiry-based skills can be applied in the contemporary workplace
  3. To introduce students the key perspectives and debates from a range of fields that inform the theories and management practices
  4. To cover the theories of management and their application to contemporary practice, strategies for working in a diverse global workplace, teams and teamwork, planning and controlling information flow, organizing and leading, motivating and rewarding, and management strategies in both personal and professional contexts

To provide students the basic concepts concerned with the firm, as well as to identify its functional areas and major decisions.

Course/Module Learning Outcomes:

After completion of the course students are expected to be able:

  1. To describe and apply a selection of key concepts/theory/frameworks relevant to management
  2. To analyze the organizational structure of the firm, and some of its coordination-conflict issues related to departments/subsystems
  3. To understand firm’s problems from strategic management’s point of view
  4. Ability to analyze and develop case studies about companies

To know current economic, social, and technological trends in the design of objectives and strategies of the firm.

Prerequisites: UU-BA-IND100-UG

Prerequisites Categories: -

Typical Module duration: 4.0 Week(s)


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